Picture_47BeBetter Photographer App Anybody who uses their Smartphone camera needs this app!!

Improve the way you look at the world. Download the BeBetter Photo App and picture your life in a whole new way.

  • BeBetter is a “Visual Design Workshop” for learning photography using your Smartphone.
  • Lots of examples and great ideas to help you see the pictures you want to create.
  • An easy to follow process - use your phone as a Sketch Pad to plan the perfect photograph.
  • Both amateurs and professional photographers will find new ways to “make” great pictures.
  • Cool new tips and photos every day.

Make every picture great! Put BeBetter Photo on your Smartphone and Go Play!!

The convenience of using the camera “in your hand”, has created an opportunity for learning the craft of photography using a smart phone camera. As a bonus you will find that the photographic skills learned using the BeBetter app apply to all photography no matter what camera is used.

Access the camera button and the Notes tool from within each learning module - without leaving the app - make reference notes and images right from inside the App.

BeBetter App changes the way you see the world of photography - train your eyes to recognize the basic elements of visual design using the fundamental building blocks of light, depth, shape, line, texture and perspective.

BeBetter App is FUN - urging you to play with your camera, shoot, make notes, and develop your photography skills - on your Smartphone.

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